Packaging Solutions

When it comes to moving or shipping valuable pieces of furniture, artworks, and antiques, protection is of utmost importance. At Rockstar, we understand the importance of custom packaging to ensure the safe delivery of your cherished items. Our team of experts specializes in creating custom packaging solutions, such as cartons and crates, to meet the unique needs of your valuable items.

Our process includes carefully wrapping and securing the item to protect it from any damage during shipping or storage. We use a combination of plastic, bubble wrap, and foam to keep the item moisture-free and maintain its integrity. Our customized cartons and crates are built to the exact dimensions of your item, with additional packing materials added for extra protection.

Artwork Crating Services

Precious artworks require extra care and attention when it comes to handling and packing. At Rockstar, we take the utmost care to wrap and secure your artwork with custom packaging solutions, such as custom-made cartons or crates. Our team of experts is meticulous in their approach, ensuring that your valuable artwork remains protected from the rigors of shipping or moving.

Our process for artwork crating includes wrapping the item to protect it from shock, moisture, and damage. Customized cartons or crates are built to the exact dimensions of the artwork and are equipped with necessary packing materials. Each frame is either encased in solid plywood or protected by spaced slats, with wood grips added for easy carrying. Labels are then attached to identify the item, customer, job order, and designated final location.

Trust Rockstar for all your custom packaging needs, ensuring the safe delivery and storage of your valuable items.